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Repair & Cleaning Services

Piano Repair:

The piano is a complex musical instrument made of wood, felt, and metal, consisting of thousands of moving parts, often requiring repair, adjustment, or replacement. In many cases, we can resolve clicks, buzzes, and sticking keys during your tuning, often at no additional charge.


Some of the most common repairs are:

  • Sticking keys and sluggish action parts

  • Broken strings

  • Broken hammers or other action parts

  • Pedals that squeak or are not working properly

  • Damaged or broken keytops

  • Tuning pins that have developed low torque

  • Notes that don’t play at all

  • Plus much more


After performing an on-site evaluation, we will go over your repair options and give you an estimate of the cost.

Signature Piano Cleaning: 

Over time dust, dirt and debris accumulate on the piano. However, pianos are much more difficult to clean than normal household items. The piano technician has the correct tools, along with the expertise and knowledge to properly clean your piano. The result is a beautiful piano that will have a longer life and a richer, more pleasing sound.


Because of all the fragile parts in a piano, it is not recommended for the piano owner to attempt to clean the inside of their piano. Water and chemicals, etc. can be corrosive to the fragile metal parts of the piano. Sprays containing oils can cause pin block damage, leading to slipping tuning pins. Even dusting and vacuuming can cause serious problems if fragile parts are bumped, snagged, mishandled, broken, misplaced, or accidentally sucked up in the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the piano’s interior is best left to the professional piano technician.

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